Sweet Shop Snap Bars
  • Sweet Shop Snap Bars

    Sweet shop range is our fun section! Take yourself back to childhood. The smell of the sweet shop, all those delicious delights.

    We’ve got some old-school classic scents to transport you to your youth. What with Rhubarb & Custard, Lemon Sherbet, Candyfloss and many more!


    All scent descriptions and allergens can be found on our Sweet Shop Scent Description page.


    Our wax melts come in a 5-segment snap bar. Simply snap off a chunk or two and away you go. This packaging is recyclable.


    Need a burner to go with your new scents? We do a selection of fabulous tea light burners.

    We use luxury soy and coconut wax which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We only use the best quality fragrance oils and use the highest percentage legally permitted to ensure our wax melts are strongly scented. All our wax melts are suitable for vegans and cruelty free.

    • Made from luxury soy and coconut wax which means no black soot emissions and it's completely biodegradable.
    • No mess - snap bars that do not require cutting, simply snap off a chunk
    • The scent release is more intense than candles due to being wick-less
    • Amazing value - one snap bar has 50+ hours burn time!
    • Cheaper than clamshells so you can try more scents
    • CLP compliant and we use the maximum amount of fragrance permitted for strong scent release and long lasting wax melts
    • Each product lovingly is hand poured
    • High quality mica powders to produce not just amazing smelling waxes but pretty ones too.
    • Each Snap Bar is approximately 50g net weight.